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This Saturday the 21st of November is our towns annual Glastonbury Carnival 2015. with loads of ingenious designs of the floats with loads of lights & many hundred`s enthusiastic dancers and actors and many many thousands of happy people all raising money for local charities. If you are going to come, make sure you get here early to enjoy the merits of our wonderful town and to peruse the vast array of shops. The Crystal man will be open till about 7pm so while your waiting to view the floats, why not pop in to tempt yourselves with carvinal crystal or two,
Just landed a unique one off! I am so chuffed to have this fabulous unique one off specimen arrive at the shop. I am as happy as punch when we get something as stunning as this.
What am I talking about?
Well whats green, rare, comes from one area in the world, quite spacey and in this case round or spherical?
A Yummy Moldavite sphere with areas of natural surface. Photos will follow later.

Loads of new beauties in stock, I have been busy sorting, grading, pricing & photographing lots of real treasures, we have polished window Fire Agates, gemmy colour change Tugtupite cabouchons. This mineral is from Greenland and it changes a lush shade of red under shortwave uv lighting, each piece comes with a picture showing this great change, Our local Potatostones "Dulcote Agate" set in silver as pendants also finishing sorting out earrings as well. More collections sorted and on display in the shop.
Amongst other minerals that have joined or vast selection of stock are: Herkimer diamonds, Garnet spheres, nice deep colour Amethyst display pieces, Ruby crystals in matrix, Clean clear Quartz beds, Gemstone eggs, Polished freeform Local Potato stones by me, English Hematite & Specular haematite specimens, Weardale fluorite specimens that look great in natural light, but are stunning under Black light.
Possibly the largest independent Stockist of fine Carvings, Mineral specimens, Crystals,Spheres and many polished stones ,
We have the worlds largest range of carved Semi precious Moon Gazing Hares
We have the famous Stonehenge Bluestone as Spheres, Eggs, Wands, Also our own unique range of hand made by me jewellery, that you will only find in my shop.
The Crystal Man is one of the best-kept secrets in Glastonbury. in the Heart of Avalon It is a haven for mineral collectors and new-age enthusiasts alike, and can be found in Northload Street on the edge of the main shopping area in town.

The shop contains a huge variety of minerals and crystals, in a variety of forms from the raw state to Stone eggs, Crystal spheres, points,carvings and tumblestones. In addition, there is a wide selection of top quality detailed carvings and jewellery to choose from, with many items being hand-created by Mike Jackson, the proprietor of the shop.

Mike, a keen collector from a very early age, also offers a range of fossils, eggs, craft and is only too happy to share his vast knowledge of the mineral world with anyone who enters the shop.

This website exists to bring The Crystal Man to the world outside Glastonbury. Here you will find a cross-section of the huge range of specimens Mike has gathered. Please take your time to browse the various sections of the site, and should you find something that takes your fancy, you can purchase it in the knowledge that we use a safe and secure shopping cart system that will protect your personal data to the highest level, If you wish to see inside our shop then click on the shop picture to the left of this and sit back and enjoy.

Oh, and if you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask. Mike and his team will do their best to answer any queries, which you can raise either by telephone, by mail, or via the form on the Contact page.

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